Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunday Morning Fever

It’s Sunday morning and already we’ve polished off all the bacon and extra mature Cheddar I smuggled back in my wash bag.  So there’s no bacon butties  for me.  And that’s not the only reason I’m fed up. This morning‘s Independence Day celebrations for our building kicked off with an ear-splitting disco at 5.45 am which stopped suddenly at 8am. Earlier in the week we were given tickets which clearly stated an 11am start. What is going on?
The kids went down at 11o’clock  and said there was nothing doing so I stayed in my pajamas and watched ‘The Inspector Lynley Mysteries’  because we had no other plans and it was the driver’s day off.  I was finding it difficult to hear what was going on with old Lynley  and Havers  because the drilling coming from upstairs  was making both my ceiling and brain rattle. I must say, England looks quite calm and peaceful in Lynley’s world, except for the murders.
It’s raining outside (and inside), and the shoe storage space beneath the ill- fitting window is awash. My wooden clogs are floating on the surface like sad boats. Time to get dressed and face the day (I am not even going to mention the mould in my wardrobe). Today I am going to roast a chicken in my brand new convection/microwave oven. (I was going to do Lasagna until I saw the weevils)
 Actually, I’m pretty excited about this, especially as one hour later, when I peer through the glass; it looks like it’s roasting to perfection. At last, something works today!
The phone rings and my husband, Mick comes in to the kitchen (ette) covering the phone and mouthing the words: “Do we want to go out to dinner?”
“But I’ve just par-boiled the spuds!”
And so, two hours later we find ourselves at the home of Om Puri, one of India’s classic actors (whose son happens to be in my son’s class at school). Also present, Killing Fields director Roland Joffe who was in town casting his new movie and a selection of Bollywood  movers and shakers. The whisky flowed and the conversation sparkled as they discussed various international projects. I hadn’t had this much fun since I bought my electric mosquito zapper.
And there was me thinking the highlight of my day was going to be a chicken dinner in front of another episode of Lynley.
Mumbai, don’t you just love it!

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