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A little about me:

I currently live in Hong Kong where I am editor of AWAre - the magazine for the American Women’s Association. I lived in Mumbai (nicknamed 'Maximum City') from 2009 until 2014. During that time I wrote about expat life in the city for magazines and publications across the globe including the South China Morning Post and Abu Dhabi Week. I have also been featured in the UK’s Daily Mail (don’t judge me) The Sun and Eastern Eye. I have written occasional features for Midday in Mumbai.


As editor of Mumbai expat magazine Chalo! (2011 to 2014) I commissioned articles and features as well as writing my own column Maximumcitymadam. I also appear in the LookSeeCity  guide to Mumbai and contributed to expat sites such as Expatarrivals and InterNations. I was commissioned by LifeBook UK to both research and write the ‘autobiography’ of an Indian client in 2014.

A cartoonist's vision of me for a piece I wrote in Midday (Mumbai - illustrator Amit Bandre)

In the UK, I was a senior reporter at The Kentish Times where I was awarded ‘Kent Campaigning Journalist of the Year’. I trained to be a newspaper journalist at the University of Central Lancashire. I also worked as a film critic for an English language newspaper in Berlin and have also been a columnist for The Gambian Observer.

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